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An accurate measure of potential has proved elusive over the years. The Changemaker Effect’s proprietary methodology presents the holy-grail - a proven science based measure of an individual’s potential (over a lifetime). This assessment enables robust recruitment decisions, worthwhile and actionable succession plans and a talent net that can be cast widely and deeply. The Changemaker Effect has a large database of Changemakers in the event that external recruitment proves necessary.

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The Case for Recruitment and Succession Planning

Most HR interventions don’t work because they are measuring the wrong things. Many organisations and consultancies claim to have psychometrics that measures potential but the statistics that evidence validity are either missing completely at worst or underwhelming at best. Psychometric tests measure intelligence, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits but they do not measure potential. The Changemaker Effects proprietary intervention, a structured interview designed by Dr Sheila Rossan 30 years ago, measures the amount of complexity an individual can handle both today and tomorrow. Statistical analysis from various studies consistently confirm a predictive validity of 0.89 i.e. the interview predicts current and future potential with 89% accuracy which is a staggering statistic. It eliminates trial and error and ensures robust succession plans that can be relied on and used to maximise the use of existing, culturally aligned, internal talent before deciding to look externally.

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A global brand was transitioning to a new business model. As a result many senior managers were understandably looking elsewhere for their employment security. The Interim CEO favoured hiring expensive consultants to fill the gaps. The COO however having been trained in The Changemaker Effect methodology opted instead to assess his internal talent and to promote them wherever sufficient talent could be found. Sponsoring and recognising internal talent over externals was to prove a master stroke. These individuals stuck with the business right up to the transition and being known culture fits they needed little on-boarding other than a little wise counsel from time to time from the COO.


A global business trained in The Changemaker Effect methodology was used to hunting far and wide when it came to identifying changemakers. The Group HR Director was developed internally and so this set a great platform to think outside of the box when it came to future senior hires. The trouble with headhunters and any talent algorithm is that for minimum risk they always look to put forward individuals who have already performed the role in question which will always screen out changemakers. The Group HR Director made two significant hires which on the face of it looked risky as these were department heads looking for their first strategic role. The assessment derisked their ‘complexipacity’ and freelance experts were mobilised to fill in any of their skills, knowledge and experience gaps. Given they were internal candidates their culture fit was already a given.

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