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Founder and Author of 'The Changemaker Effect'

Jo Steen is a physicist turned seasoned HR Director, with the unique experience that has allowed her to see first-hand why current HR interventions are not suited for the world in which we live. For over twenty years she has used scientific rationale to question the validity and reliability of the  current  HR tools in use. Jo now uses The Changemaker Effect with great success to both transform corporates and scale high growth early stage ventures.

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Author of the assessment ‘Revealing Developmental Potential’

Sheila Rossan, Ph.D., C. Psychol., AFBPS, began her professional life as a Lecturer in Psychology at Brunel University She specialised in life-span developmental and social psychology, then, latterly, convened a multi-disciplinary course in Organisational Analysis. She has written and published in various fields: psychological field methods; cognition and memory (with JTE Richardson); identity development in women; capability in young people. She is a recognised tester (Level A) for the British Psychological Society. She helped to found the Psychology of Women section of the British Psychological Society and organised their first conference. She is also a management consultant, a Special Value Partner in Bioss Europe and Bioss International. She chaired the ethics committee of a consultancy organisation and brought to fruition their guidelines. She has devised an interview, translated into many languages and used world-wide in organisations. It is used in selection, promotion, counseling and as a tool for management to understand the complexities of organisational life.

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