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"Jo's book could not come at a better time given the seemingly never ending challenges posed to leaders in our volatile and uncertain world. I have experienced the 'complexipacity' assessment personally and can testify to its empowering impact.  It equips you with a very different and powerful lens with which to view and mobilise human capital.  Jo’s book takes you through the various steps and allows us to make better judgements about who will make the best leaders now, but more importantly who will in the future.  And as you do you will learn about and develop your own capabilities too"

Peter Duff

Chairman, Shoosmiths

"Human capital assessment of the team has been a difficult ‘art’ to administer for all investors.  Augmenting this ‘art’ of assessment with the science is a real game-changer.  We can align as investors with the right leadership dynamic from the beginning."

Scott Lanphere
Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder Omnio Holdings SA, Chairman of the Board TLNT Holdings SA, Managing Director AEDC Capital Ltd, Managing Director Eaton Gate Capital Partners Ltd.

"The proprietary methodology that Jo has developed will transform your thinking on people management.  I've been using the Changemaker Effect tools for 5+ years working with technology entrepreneurs and it's provided me the core principles by which to set up companies for rapid growth.  I can't live without it now and nor should you."

Mel Reece
Managing Director, Havoc and Harmony

"This book outlines a model that provides insights, answers as well as explaining so many career experiences to date. It is rational and compelling and provides a framework that any organisation can benefit from if they are truly open to being challenged to achieve better outcomes."

Paul Devereux
Co Founder and Chief Financial Officer, Cataliize

"Jo’s theory of our capacity to handle complexity (‘complexipacity') is certainly one that has worked every single time in my experience. Having met Jo early in my career, when she exposed me to this concept, I have been exceptionally fortunate to have worked with some amazing and highly capable CEOs, who fully bought into and endorsed this concept and as a result built and developed successful businesses. The more volatile and uncertain the environment the more important ‘complexipacity’ becomes and it couldn’t be any more appropriate given the unprecedented times we currently find ourselves in. The survival of the fittest will certainly not be accidental. This is also one of the few interventions to have passed the scrutiny of the South African Employment Equity Act which requires tools that can be proven and evidenced to eliminate unfair discrimination and support inclusivity and diversity."

Alex Didymiotis
Group HR Director TFG Brands (London) Ltd.

"A genuinely creditable potential alternative for long, difficult and ultimately unsuccessful performance management processes that businesses are now forced to use when talent is placed in the wrong place in their organisations."

Phil Crowe
Partner, Shoosmiths

"I have experienced this work and seen its impact first hand and since then it has been impossible to see things any other way. Balancing stable customer facing teams with changemaking leadership teams is the key to achieving the ‘effect’ Jo describes. Providing wise, patient and forgiving support to emerging talent is something I particularly enjoy and something that is vital if they are to achieve their full potential."

Peter Riordan
Managing Director, Wise Old Dog Ltd.

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