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The recent ‘black lives matter’ protests have brought racial inequality into sharp focus, adding to the existing pressures on gender diversity. The Changemaker Effect provides proprietary assessment methodology that is proven to be free from all biases enabling capable and diverse teams to be assembled. Our team of experts is ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving, but thriving in the future. Give us a call today to set up your first consultation.

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The Case for Diversity and Inclusion

Race and gender inequality are fairly obvious biases however in other cases the issue is much more subtle and often unconscious. At a very basic level most HR interventions/tests require a level of education to be able to complete them. The Changemaker Effect’s assessment intervention is a semi-structured interview and therefore a conversation. It is one of the few human capital interventions to have passed the scrutiny of the South African Employment Equity Act which requires tools that can be proven and evidenced to eliminate unfair discrimination and support inclusivity and diversity.  Uneducated changemakers will probably be doing great things for their communities on a voluntary basis. At the other extreme these are often gang leaders or drugs barons who are unable to use their significant cognitive capability for legitimate paid economic work due to their lack of education which provides a whole new angle when rehabilitating offenders.

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John was a high achieving Regional Manager who expressed interest in working for a large PLC. However, this was an organisation that only recruited graduates. As a result of this internal bias John could not be considered despite his considerable and proven skill set and experience. Looking through the lens of ‘complexipacity’ the organisation realised that their graduate filter was screening out highly capable individuals who had not been afforded great educational opportunities or privileges. As a result of the complexipacity assessment John was hired. He became the highest achieving Regional Manager within 6 months and the case for this assessment was well and truly made.


Vanessa and Alexandria were highly capable graduates from the EU with great academic credentials. However, because on entry to the UK their written and spoken English was not perfect they were routinely overlooked by UK employers. Using the complexipacity assessment both assessed as Changemakers and were hired by an organisation familiar with and confident of The Changemaker Effect Methodology. Their capability allowed them to quickly develop their language skills and both are now Directors of global UK businesses. Given only 10% of the population assess as changemakers organisations need to look widely and deeply to find them and to overcome prejudices.

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